Defender comfort

Having destroyed my back driving around Morocco in my Defender 90 with heavy duty suspension and standard seats I have decided things will be different this time around! I’ve invested in some very nice heated Recaro bucket seats for the sake of my back, and a momo steering wheel for some extra elbow room.

If you plan to spend extended amounts of time in a Defender, let me tell you these modifications are worth every penny!

The Plan

The plan is simple; travel the world, trade crypto and enjoy life. I’ll be blogging about these things and more.

I believe the best way to experience the world is through overland travel, the vehicle I have chosen for this purpose is a 2015 2.2 tdci double cab defender 130:

Over the coming months I’ll be modifying the vehicle for overlanding and documenting the process in preparation for a 1 month test run in August.

Let the adventure begin!